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Sunday 8th November, starting @ 10:00 AM (AEST), Australia

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8th November 2020

10:00 AM (AEST)

Let's share this exclusive immersive Soul Reconnection Journey together; Join me online for Regular

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with your Soul, Intuition, and Inner Wisdom and Create the Life you Love. 

"The more you run your life by peace and intuition and the less it's run by old emotional patterns, the happier and more satisfying your life becomes." Lyza Saint Ambrosena

"Most of us sense some sort of ultimate Divine plan for our soul or our life that is guided by invisible forces that seek to assist us on our path to happiness. Most of us believe we have some form of invisible relationship with a source of comfort and guidance that is looking out for us, such as a guardian angel, grandparent or relative who has passed over, the Holy Spirit or God. 

We all have had experiences where we felt we were “being looked after”, or where we were “guided” to do certain things which lead to greater peace and happiness. The ultimate aim of the Channeling sessions with Lyza is to reconnect you with your own internal Divine Guidance that exists within you for a happier life. The less you run your life on old emotional patterns and the more it is run by peace and intuition the happier and more satisfying your life becomes.
We look forward to sharing your divine guidance journey with you."

See you on the other side,
With Love,
"Lyza Saint Ambrosena 
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Your Membership will include...
Livestreamed Audience and Intimate Guidance Events
Each Month, Sunday 10am Australian (EST)
Email reminders for Dates and Replays.

Your Channeling Divine Guidance Video Library
A wonderful series of Highlights from our Channeling Experiences.

Spiritual Awareness Training Add to your Spiritual tool kit and release the past.

Create the Life You Love - Live Healing sessions each month. iwith Lyza and Cameron.

Access to ​our Secret Facebook Community
Channeling Divine Guidance - Members Circle
An uplifting transference of energy 
A release of past patterns of emotional pain
A strengthened sense of your own guidance and intuition
Enhanced freedom of self-expression
Heartfelt feelings of openness, connection and self-acceptance